The NEW WEBJet 2100P Inkjet Press


The All New WEBJet™ 2100P

The WEBJet™ 2100P is the next generation of WEBJet™ platform bringing longlife printheads, unmatched print resolution, wide gamut aqueous pigment inks and all the proven finishing solutions of the WEBjet platform. The WEBJet™ 2100P enables Direct Mail, Transactional, Book and Commercial Printers to justify their investment on as few as 2 million prints per month but the capacity to print up to 25M or more.

Basic Specifications for the WEBJet™ 2100P

Optional Equipment Configurations


The WEBJet™ 2100P is a versatile machine with numerous market applications. Book printing, commercial printing, transactional, trans-promo, variable data and direct mail are only a few of the markets in which the WEBJet™ 2100P excels.


The WEBJet™ 2100P can perform roll to roll, roll to sheet or roll to fold in seamless output for uninterrupted workflows with a large output.

Image quality

With aqueous pigment-based inks and resolutions up to 1600×1585 dpi, the WEBJet™ 2100P powered by Memjet’s Duralink technology to outperform the competition.

The right paper is essential. A wide variety of available paper enables a high-quality output.