Innovative stacking system solution

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Our innovative WEBJet™ SmartStacker features two separate sheet deliveries in one unit to allow sheet sets to be continuously delivered to the operator without stopping or slowing down the press. As the printed web is cut on the WEBJet™ 200D inkjet press, the stacker offsets the sheets to create defined sets of statements or book blocks. When the capacity of the first stacker is reached, incoming cut sheets are diverted to the second stacker, enabling faster, more efficient printing and stacking.

A full range of solutions.
The WEBJet™ SmartStacker, in conjunction with the Memjet-powered WEBJet™ 200D, is designed to provide Direct Mail, Transaction and Commercial Printing customers with a full range of solutions for handling today's biggest printing challenges. Together they enable the use of variable data to personalize content while printing smaller production runs, all while driving down operational cost. The WEBJet™ 200D also prints on a wide range of substrates, and provides an integral duplex function so end users can unwind the paper, print on both sides, and then cut, perforate and stack materials — all on the same machine.

WEBJet SmartStacker

Benefits of the WEBJet™

  • Innovative stacking system
  • Integrated finishing for less maintenance
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Built for high quality over long duty cycles
  • Exceptional customer support

SmartStacker Specs

General Specs:

  • SmartStacker Dimensions 131” L x 49” W x 52” H
  • Optional conveyor dimensions: 112" L x 23" W x 30" H
  • Sheet sizes 8.5”x11”, 8.5”x14”, 8.5”x17”, 11”x17”
  • Paper weight 10lb bond to 110lb index
  • Max stack height 10”
  • Max stack sheet count 2000 (@ 24lb index)
  • Minimum stack sheet count 250
  • Single stream / Dual stream fed
  • Straight stack or offset stacking
  • Offset available for all sheet sizes and press speeds, minimum grouping of 20 sheets with slit and merge configuration
  • Compressed air input 90 psi at 2.5 cfm



  • User option to stack in offset or straight stack mode
  • User option to offset via barcode indicator on document
  • Placement of readers can be adjusted on SmartStacker to allow for flexibility in the location of the barcodes


Sensors, Alarms and Safety Features

  • Height sensors on stacker to trigger changing of stacks when max height is reached
  • Max height limitation will take precedence over operator-entered stack sheet counts
  • Emergency stop feature for both the SmartStacker and the WEBJet™ 200D
  • Stacker jams will trigger the eject gate to open
  • Stacker will remain on and reset in the event of a press fault or delay in receipt of product
  • Light tree indicator and audible alarm will activate when jobs are nearing the end of the exit conveyor


Setup Requirements

  • Barcode indication for offsetting
  • Add data in column 38 of 2-D matrix barcode, a “1” indicates the first page of an offset job
  • If the following pages of an offset job do not contain data in this column, the next “1” value triggers a new offset
  • Set stack height cannot change in the middle of a job run
  • Job run must consist of all straight stack or all offset jobs


Exit Conveyor

  • Optional exiting conveyor available to move product 90 degrees from SmartStacker
  • Moves 2 stacks of product from the SmartStacker at a time for all supported cutoff sizes
  • Accumulates and delivers up to 4 stacks at one time (11” cutoff sizes only) providing the operator several minutes to remove product
  • Comes fully assembled and configured; requires no additional operator support
  • Easily removable from SmartStacker for stacker maintenance or configuration changes
  • Light tree indicator and audible alarm will activate when jobs are nearing the end of the exiting conveyor


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